The leaders in the industry

We are the leaders in financing the Australian seminar industry, and rapidly growing in the cosmetic surgergy and dental surgery finance space.

Speedy Approval

Using industry leading technology, we can get approval for clients within MINUTES!

Problem Solvers

Whatever your finance challenges are, we are able to solve them. In fact, our mortgage specialists can show you how to beat the banks at their own game and pay down your own mortgage in 3-5 years

Joint Venture with us now!

Whether your a seminar company educating your clients or a dental surgeon looking to get more clients, get in touch with our team and see how you can partner up with us. We even offer white label solutions for selected venture partners.


Our Story

Starting life off as an idea from banks and friends due to a burgeoning property portfolio in 2002 and the need to understand how to break past the ‘traditional’ finance strategies, Trident Finances directors started building a successful finance company from applying it to their own lives, and can speak from results.

Currently, Trident Finance operates out of an office in 2 locations – High Street, Victoria and Potts Point, Sydney.

Trident Finance are the leaders in providing the seminar industry with finance solutions to meet their clients needs. We have and are working with the largest in the industry with names like Anthony Robbins, Nik Halik, Loral Langmeyer and Matt and Amanda Clarkson.

We are also specialists in providng our clients with solutions for Joint Venture and also financing Cosmetic and Dental Surgery Solutions.

Our property division are uniquely qualified (through results) on showing you how to build a large proeprty portfolio and reducing your own mortgage down to ZERO in no time!

  • Seminars and education 100%
  • Dental Surgeons 100%
  • Cosmetic Surgery 100%
  • Mortgage Reduction Strategies 100%
Bill Gupta

Bill Gupta

Company Role

Bill Gupta is our head mortgage expert

Goro Gupta

Goro Gupta

Company Role

Goro Gupta is our Chief Education Officer and our Property Strategist

Neelam Gupta

Neelam Gupta

Company Role

Neelam is our resident personal loan strategist